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Art Boheme is creation of Rae, a Melbourne born girl currently living in Girona, Spain with her partner Tim and their lanky dog Layla. Rae has been painting as a hobby in many different styles since her years at high school and has always had a great passion for colour.

Each of Rae's paintings is designed to evoke your own memories of travelling, to bring back the sentiment of a beautiful moment in the past - vibrant emotions, sensations of warm breezes, delicious flavours and the bold colours of sunsets and summer!

Art Boheme started with Rae making art for her own home, the kind of warm nostalgic art that reminded her travelling and warm summer nights. The colours in Rae's work are specifically selected for their ease on the eye, the feelings of relaxation they impart and their compatibility with indoor plants and other bohemian home decor.

Each of Rae's artwork sold is individually hand painted, she is a firm believer that everyone should be able to have access to the special feeling of having original art in their homes.

We hope you love Rae's artwork for Art Boheme as much as we do, as it is an absolute honour to have such a talented artist pouring her sould and energy intot eveyr brush stroke she takes, to make your live and home more enriched with colour!