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5 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Nursery, Or Any Other Room For That Matter - That Won't Break The Bank!

5 Ways To Decorate Your Nursery Without Breaking The Bank

Today I am going to share with you, how I decorated Emma's room with 5 easy decoration hacks, little money, but an amazing and fun outcome. Today I am going to share with you, how I decorated Emma's room with 5 easy decoration hacks, little money, but a big successful outcome. This you can say it part 2 to my previous post, where I talked about how to Create a DIY Comic Collage Wall For Your Kids Bedroom , so make sure to head over there too for some ideas you might find useful.

I actually been using these hacks, which I am about to show you, around the house in different creative ways, accustomed to each space. They are fun, easy and totally affordable, which is ALWAYS a good thing! Ok let's start!

Hack #1: Create Wall Art From Wrapping Paper Or Fabric Swatches

Lagerhaus Wrapping Paper

Yes easy peasy! and costs about 25 sek/ per type of wall art + the frame, which you might have lying about anyhow. I went to Lagerhaus to buy there giftwrapping paper, as I have seen there real nice new prints in the shop window and knew this was something for Emma's room. One of the rolls was even on sale!

Another option is to go to your fabric store/ retailer or in your cupboard at home (I bet you'd be surprised what goodies you can find, stashed away) and find a fabric, print or wash that you like. Cut it a bit bigger than the frame and stable it tight to a piece of carton paper, around the edges for your super cool and own wall art. 

For Emma's room however, I only used gift wrapping paper. And yees I may have also pot this super adorbale Cheetah cup, where I migrated my little cactus into.

Ps: Did you know the difference between a Cheetah and Leopard? Cheetahs have single black spots, clearly seperated from another, where as Leopards have black dots with lighter shades rosettes around. Interesting, huh? #learnsomethingneweveryday


Hack #2: Paint Flower Pots, Picture Frames And Baskets

This is also an easy one! Since I am a bit of DIY'er and have always some paint in the house, I repainted a lot of normal terracotta flower pots to make them a bit more special for Emma's room. Here you can really go wild with patterns and way's to apply the color.

In the picture above, you can see the blue frame that used to be a shabby chic white, which I usually like, but didn't really fit in here, so I repainted this one too. You can paint pretty much over any type of material and surface. Metal, wood and plastic, you name it. Since it's not a high demand object, which you'll touch and use everyday, the paint will stay fresh and goodie looking for ages. 

For the flower pots I used different ways to apply the paint. The left pot I painted solid and added the cute lil' face, whereas for the right one I used a cotton rug, tightly rolled into a little ball to tap the circles on. I still quite happy with the outcome. 

Shelving Decoration With DIY Flower Pots

And we even had a really old basket that I was able to give a facelift, in the same pink as for the flower pot.

Woven Basket DIY Paint

Hack #3: Make Your Own DIY Shelf

Ok for this one you probably will need a powerdrill to get the shelf up, but apart from that, you can get everyting done in fashionable designer look, for a little money. My tip is to go to your local hardware store, in Sweden for example Bauhaus, and buy wood shelves, made from plywood or oak (plywood is cheaper because it is softer, which is totally ok for this purpose here). Most bigger hardware stores can cut them on side to your specification. I think I simply bought the smallest available size.

So now I have my shelves, but I thought they were a bit boring just plain, since we have a white back drop, so I again, I took out my paint brushes and just used the same pink as on the flower pots and basket before, to give them an edge.

Painted shelves: Check! Now they need to go up, and what's better than using some leather bands to really give them the high-end look your friends will drool over, right? You can buy yours from Adlibris  or Amazon for example. 

It looks more than it cost's right?

DIY Wood Shelf Decoration Ideas Shelving Decoration

Hack #4: Add Some Pom Pom's To Any Space That Needs Some Colour 

Yay! Pom Pom's! I've been loving those since I was a little kid. I always wanted to become a cheerleader so I could have them, but sadly, cheerleading was not a widespread sport in Germany back then. but regardless, I would always make my own big ones from plastic bags. Inventive, right? For the decoration purpose here however, I did not use plastic bin bags, but wool I also had already at home (yes I may have tried myself at knitting, when I was pregnant...). There are so many tutorials out there on how to make a pom pom, that I'll just share one with you I really liked - and used to fresh up my memory. 

Ashlea over on Heart, Hook & Home will show you how to do your own pom pom's in four different ways, depending on whatever "tools" you have at hand.

Here are some of my little pom pom's to add some soft texture and pop of colour to the shelf.

Ps: Here you can also see the second gift wrapping paper from Lagerhaus in the frame. Emma loves birds, so a swan seemed a good match, as they are easily recognizable as birds!

DIY Wood Shelf Decoration Ideas And Pom Pom

Hack #5: Change The Knobs And Door Handles On Drawers and Wardrobes

OK this is by far my favorite hack to give already existing furniture a quick and new look. Simply find some knobs (weird word) or handles you looove and put them on your piece of furniture. They all come in a pretty much standard size when it comes to the screw that holds it in place. 

Door Handles Upcycle Furniture Nursery Decoration

And before you wonder, yes I did also paint the chest of drawers, which was an uuuugly dark brown before. But more about this at another point.

Rightio, I hope you are able to take away from ideas and inspiration for your own spaces now. If it's still a bit murky, send me a message and we can talk about how to make your room super special <3

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