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A Year In Review - Thank you 2018

I want to do a short recap of my favourite moments before 2018 ends. But first - who really would have thought that time does fly once you are truly enjoying what you are doing?

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and still can not believe that I actually left my day-job to make create a new one for myself, in helping you and others making your home personal and all yours, whilst adding some colour to the world of Instagram.

Oh yes good old Instagram, I could write a book about it by now. Some love it, others hate it and I adore it. It’s such a fun tool to share what you are up to, whilst connecting to other like minded people.

I am so truly grateful for the friendships I made and projects supported by all of you that I thought I am going to share my TOP 9 of 2018!



The Pink Kitchen! Well this most certainly was a favorite project of mine. Originally we wanted to do a full renovation, you know new floor, appliances and all that, but since starting a business and big expensses do not go well together, I opted for a full blown DIY make over. 

Read more here about the pink kitchen projects, it’s different steps and products used.


Emma’s room was another major undergoing during the last part of the year! I did a complete overhaul in terms of wall colours & prints, accessories and storage solutions, as well as built a house headbord (which you can soo by the way see up on the blog, so stay tuned). It’s so fun to create unique spaces that mirror the personality of a child. In Emma’s case, I believe her room is just as wild and unpredictable as she is. You simply got to love it!


The Fabrikör IKEA cabinet was on my wishlist for about two years until I finally took the plunge and bought it. It really shouldn’t have been that hard, considering IKEA is a mere of 15minutes away. But even than it stayed in its boxes in the garage until I finally found a minute (ok two hours) to set it up. I love it so much! Best IKEA purchase in a long time for sure! And hey, is the colour not simply stunning? I am pretty sure they discontinued this exact model, so I am over the moon I got it in time. And since it’s in my TOP 9, you obvsiouly agree with me.


My aunts farmhouse was definitely a hit as well among you my lovely followers. The house is roughly 150years old and has housed my great-great-grandparents, as well as my great-grandparents before being completely restaurated by my aunt and uncle in 2003. I am not sure if I would have had the patience and perseverance but I sure love what they did. Favourite part of it? The tiles in the entryway! And you know what, they are even original!


Sharing is caring I was once told, and doesn’t it ring true? This image belongs to my gal pal Ari over @quirkt_n_thrifted - she’s such a fun person, with an amazing sense of colour and styling. If you aren’t already, you should go and give her some love.

I for my part can not wait to share more of my favourites with you next year!

Other things that happened this year?

  • Emma settled into Kindergarden like a champ

  • We started our front yard, which continues to drag itself into 2019

  • We’ve been to california twice (thankful for affordable air travel)

  • We moved into our new office & continue to settle in

  • Our home is slowly but surely receiving a complete DIY overhaul with a lot of little things popping up here and there (so stay connected to see the updates)

  • I still don’t skate as much as I would like to, but hey it’s winter so maybe I should give myself some slack, you know until next year

Other things I take from this year?

My takings sound clichee but I don’t even care, because I do truly believe in them, and they do work for me. So more of this next year!

  • Stay focused and never give up

  • it is never to late to learn something new

  • new friends are around every corner


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE & I can not wait to continue with everything & better in 2019!

Lots of Love,

Christin x

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