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Favorite DIY Christmas Decor Round Up

If you have been following me on Instagram you have probably heard me reambling about how I was so proud to have found tim to make a lot of Christmas Decor this year - by myself (why can I not insert en Emojii here is beyond - it would be the crying with laughter one).

Anyway, I want to share all the little things we have done around the house and especially lift the awesome ladies who inspired me to do so!

DIY Christmas Decor Round Up

First Up: Christmas Tree Ornaments!

I am still proudly boasting about that at least 80% of our main Christmas trees’ decoration was hand and home made. The selection includes clay hearts, stars and flowers, dried oranges & lemons, a popcorn garland, tinsel balls, pom poms and tassels.

Let me share my inspiration for the one or other below.

DIY Christmas Decor

The Clay Made Ornaments

Pati is one of my all time favourite DIY’er and Blogger! She shares fun and fairly easy DIY’s & hacks for everyone

You should definitely head right over to her blog and have a good read, nevermind her Instagram that is phenomenal.

To read about this particular DIY tutorial READ HERE

IMAGE By: Pati Robins

IMAGE By: Pati Robins

Dam dam dam, look at my results! Not too bad or considering I had a toddler on the table with me and really just wanted to throw the clay at me rather than play with it.

DIY Christmas Decor Round Up

The Popcorn Garland

A tasty and low budget DIY everyone can do! Unless you really can not stop snacking on the actual popcorn you are going to use for your garland. I had to fight the hubby of for example.

All you need is:

  • Popcorn (duh right)

  • Some thread & needles

  • A good TV show or movie to watch wile threading your one to two bags of popcorn.

DIY Christmas Decor Round Up DIY Christmas Decor Round Up

Dried Citrus Fruit

Those are really dtraight forward to make at home and will leave your home smelling deliciously like the christmas season. But said that, I know I tried this one last year but ended up forgetting about drying them slowly in the oven and they eventually burned (again, I am missing an Emoji). So don’t do that and follow the simple steps below:

  • cut fruit in thin ish slices

  • place on lined backing tray

  • put your oven to the lowest setting, I used 50 degrees celcious

  • let it dry for about two and half to three hours ( I also turned them over half way through)

  • for an extra christmassy scent add some cinnemon stick to the baking tray

DIY Christmas Decor Round Up

Tassel With Wooden Beats

Oh this little DIY is such a genius idea! Because if you have babies and kids around you most likley at some point ordered wooden balls to use on teething rings and chains or? Well if not you can order some right here and then follow Casey Mason’s amazing tutorial on her Instagram highlights. I love how it adds a touch of boho to our tree.

DIY Christmas Decor Round Up

Advent Candle Holder & Light Houses

Clay and Pati again! I know I love all her DIY’s but especially this yet new and fun way to utilize this affordable material. Those cute little cones are literally a ten minute job and really impress later on, in the dusk and dawn with some candles inside.

Aren’t Pati’s amazing looking??

IMAGE By: Pati Robins

IMAGE By: Pati Robins

Below my try and interpretation! I like the mix of white and terracotta clay especially.

DIY Christmas Decor Round Up DIY Christmas Decor Round Up DIY Christmas Decor Round Up


Wow I am still amazed that I actually made three different wreaths this year after having put it of for years, due to lack of time or motivation. But boy, my instagram community truly inspired me to get finally up and make one myself.

DIY Christmas Decor Round Up DIY Christmas Decor Round Up

The Pom Pom Wreath

OK guys! Absolute favourite wreath hack coming up! Tasha from Kaleidoscope Living showed her followers, and therefore me a wreath she did buy from Anthropology but pimped up with more and more Pom Pom’s.

Is Tasha’s wreath not just the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?!

Serioulsy go and check it out on her awesome blog and tutorial!


IMAGE by: Tasha @ Kaleidoscope Living

IMAGE by: Tasha @ Kaleidoscope Living

IMAGE by: Tasha @ Kaleidoscope Living

IMAGE by: Tasha @ Kaleidoscope Living

You can see my first try below! I think I love them so much that I will keep it for much longer than only christmas. Maybe replace the tinsel with some beautiful fake flowers and keep it all year around?

DIY Christmas Decor Round Up DIY Christmas Decor Round Up DIY Christmas Decor Round Up

Ok that was it! Hope you guys got inspired as much as I did!

Lots of Love x

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