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Heja SPECIAL Nationaldagen OFFER

Spring and summer time in Sweden is my absolute most favourite time of the year! You think because of the warm temperatures, the fresh strawberries and beautiful butterflies all over? No wrong (although that is pretty good too right)! Red days, aka bank holidays, aka holidays to spend with the family! As much as l love working, a red day is always something special in our house, when it means that our customers are probably busy and we really get to spend together.

Anyway, when I was continuing that thought of spending time together as a family, ultimately I thought about that everyone deserves their dream home to exactly do that. Since the weather in Sweden is unpredictable, so even if it rains you should be happy in your own four walls (I hope you do have more than four).

So here it is - the special Nationaldagen offer, where you can invest in your dream with a stort 33% of on any of my online design packages. Just get in touch between the 1st and 6th of June, for the discount to be applied. But of course you can get in touch anytime as well! As long as you are. 

Below are the direct links to my contact page & as well as online design packages to choose from.

Cant' wait to hear from you! 

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