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How to make the most of the last month of summer

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You know how people keep saying that summer is over and how great it's gonna be when it's fall? To be fair we still have the best part of summer left - almost another month, to be precise. Since it's only officially fall from the 22nd of September, I believe one should find the beauty in those late summer days and nights. How you wonder? Well let me give you some tips!


First of all, since we are in Sweden, I should probably mention the classic Crayfish parties, which spread all over the country. Crayfish party or in local terms Kräftskiva is a traditional celebration, originated from the Nordic countries that celebrates beginning of the harvest months of crayfish. The festivity's typically start in early August and stretch throughout to September, with you probably guessed it, crayfish as the main course. But it wouldn't be Sweden if there was not a good party atmosphere and a few bottles of Schnapps. 

What You Need For Your Crayfish Party

  • a place to celebrate: duh, that's kinda a given, so speak to friends who have a summer house or a garden, you want to be outside (you don't want to get all messy with the fish in your 4 walls)

  • Crayfish - a lot of them, there isn't much meat on those little fellas, and it's kinda the main deal, so buy buckets full

  • Schnaps! Typically Aquavit, a distilled spirit also called the "Water Of Life" - but you have to judge that for youself

  • Partheads! Oh how we love the party heads and table decoration, now you can go all in

  • A fun bunch of friends, you can toast to and sing with (kind of mandatory for any festivities, right?)

Another little tip on the side, since the celebrations typically start in the early August, wait two three weeks for discounted decoration. And while you are at it, you may as well load up for next year too. It's not like much is changing, when it comes to party heads.

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Cosy Up For Colder Temperatures 

This is, by far, my favorite time to look around the shops for outdoor furniture pieces and textiles (yes there might also be that super nice light knit on sale you had your eyes on for so long). Many want to make room for the new season knocking on the door, and therefore have awesome deals on the earlier products. Win win!

So now go off and enjoy the last few rays of August and September, and invite the warm breeze into your home like Arno @arnocornillon does in his lovely home below ((Quite jealous really, it is that stunning!).

And don't forget the cosy blanket you can now finally bring out again, for the first cooler temperatures, when enjoying your glass of wine <3

Image By Arno Cornilla

What is your favourite way to enjoy the last month of summer? Let me know in the comments or send me a message. And as always if you need some help to create a wonderful little space for you and your family why not say hello!

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Have a great day everyone! 

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