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How To Plan Your Home Decor Project Like A Pro, In 5 Simple Steps!

How to plan your home decor project like a pro - in 5 simple steps!

You are unhappy with a space in your, or simply haven't gotten around in fixing it up just yet? To this adds the annoyance of all the pretty images you see floating about on Instagram or Pinterest, but have no idea where to even start! Don’t worry - I've got your back. I probably could call myself as a veteran, when it comes to home diy & decor projects so I thought I am sharing with you my 5 simple steps that guide you along any project easily, and budget friendly.  


Each room in our homes has a different purpose, and  different key elements play into that. You know, for example the more obvious, a bed in the bedroom and dining table in the dining area, where you want to eat and entertain or do craft prjects withyour kids. If you plan on redecorating your whole home, not a problem either- just write a short list for each room with it's purpose and importance to your lifestyle and family, to keep an overview.


So do you want to "only" decorate or do you want to go all in and overhaul the main elements of you identified spaces?

Either way can go hand in hand, for example, if the budget is tight, just start adding decorative items that suit your style and remove others that work against it. Example: At the moment let's say your home is very colourful, but you want to tone it down, to achieve a scandinavian feel. You simply look around on what you have already got in textiles, piuck one or two colours you truly love and that you feel are peferct to serve as highlights. Keep those and remove toss (Tipp: store them away don't toss them just yet, you might want to reuse them in another place). See you made a start, wonderful!It does not have to be job that requires to be done all at once, but can be happily accomplished in steps. The plus side to this is to have a continuous joy of adding new life to your spaces one by one. 

If you have your budget planned around bigger investments like a sofa or new dining table. Pick those first and decorate around the key items of each room, as they are making in the initial big first impression. Naturally, right?



Talking already about your planned investment in the previous point, it is important to decide in advance of any project what you want to spend. Nothing is worse than ending up in a financiel downward spiral which results in half finished projects that make you unhappy.

Soif your budget is a little bit more tight (because you know, the kids need new shoes again and then the family vacation is also about to be booked), but you still want to make a big change at one, you should consider looking for 2nd hand, that can be just as beautiful - only with a better price tag. My favorite ways to get 2nd hand items these days are Facebook marketplace, Blocket, good old flea markets (which you can find pretty much on every corner in Sweden during the summer) and 2nd hand and vintage stores. Tipp: check our your local Myrorna - they offer everything from clothing to furniture.

At this point, also consider if there are any jobs you might need to suorce out to a professional - for example electrical work or larger paint jobs. A professional can save you actually money and ofcourse a lot of time and headache (speaking from experience here).


The most common pitfalls in home decoration projects are that you underestimate the workload, get frustrated and abandon the whole idea. To not let that happen to you, be realistic in what you are able to achieve, next to work, children, household chores and hobbies. It could be a room a month or weekend, depended on your time schedule. 

I would always suggest to also look at the type of property to you are living in. Is it period? Is it modern? How can you combine the pre-existing style with the thought after etc.

kaboompics_Fancy interior with a red brick wall and a clock.jpg


This is by far my most favorite task to do before any home job or when working with a client. It gives me -and also should you, an idea what we are really looking for in a revamp. I usually spend some good quality time on Pinterest, work with hashtags in Instagram and go through my imense library of interior magazines to find the right inspiration for the project in question. The next stept is to set out in the real world for color, paint and fabric samples. I add it all to virtual file (to be able to access it any point) or have an actual physical copy (this comes in handy when using actual samples as mentioned before). The best part about mood boards is that you can go absolutely wild and later tone it down and adjust it to your home. 

kaboompics_Architect & Interior designer working table with equipment and material samples.jpg

If you however have absolutely no idea what you really want, I have got you covered on that one too (I know I am great). I created a quick and fun test for you to find out, which style it is - you are most drawn to.

Simply join my mailing list for instance access - and because I want you to get going I have even added a downloadable "Project Planner" file for you to fill for any job you might plan around your home.


So now you know which parts of your home are to be redecorated, you have an idea about the impact you want and can create with a budget in line, decided on a rough time frame for yourself and have a mind blowing mood board hanging at home. Now it's time to take "you-time", or grab a friend and head to the shops and start finding items for your home, get your partner and kids on board with eventual DIY jobs and simply enjoy the process. This is your home, a place to feel safe and happy and the should apply to this process. 

Extra tipp: if you want to update a piece of furniture with a paint job, I recommend using chalk paint from Rust Oleum. The application is super easy & the best - if you’re kids want to help it’s toxic friendly (ie no smells) and washes of the floor/ hands/ face/ clothes super quickly.


But of course, since this is my profession, you can cut a few corners by getting in contact with and I shall help you to put together a killer plan for your home. In fact, I would love to do so!

Let me know in the comments what you think & if those Tipps are helpful for you!

Speak soon

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