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Matcha Latte For The Win

If you have seen my recent Instagram post, you know that I want to make an effort to live a bit healthier. Since starting my own business, routines and all that have went bit a down the drain, so that I really want to make a change. And because of that I couldn’t be more excited to have received my Matchi Teakit from Teami Blends.

The powers of this bright green powder seem endless, and although I am no health professional by any means, I do believe that adding simple supplements to your daily routines can make a big impact on your overall well-being.

Teami Blends Matchi Tea Matcha Latte

Studies have shown Matcha Green Tea to:

- Accelerates Weight Loss

- Burn Calories

- Boost Metabolism

- Increases Energy & Focus

- High in Antioxidants

- Detoxifies the Body

- Strengthens the Immunsystem

- Improves Cholesterol

(from: Teami Blends website )

Anyway, I made my first Matcha Latte this morning and was pleasantly surprised!

First you put the 1 tsp of the Matcha powder through a sieve, add a bit of hot water (not boiling) and mix it with your Matcha Whisk, a regular whisk or even a fork until frothy. I now added a tsp of honey (because of my honey is just as good for you!) and then heated some milk, frothed that too (because what’s milk without froth right) and filled up my cup. Delicious!

Teami Blends Matchi Kit Matcha Latte

Over the next few weeks I shall be experimenting where else I can put my Matcha powder in!

And the best part? I want to you to get experimenting with me. With the code EARTHLY25 you receive 25% discount on any purchase on www.teamiblends.com

If you have any recipes or tips I should try, leave me a message or comment below.

Happy days!

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