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Ready for Cookies? You Ought to Be.

Ready for cookies? You ought to be.

Many of you have been juggling home & family time with no boundaries over the last few weeks, and even if you aren't - you still know what I mean, when I say that is sometimes hard to keep the anticipation for your kids down, when starting a new activity, especially when baking. Speaking from experience here! 😄

"Mama, can we bake now?"

"Is it ready Mama?"

"Can I help you?"

"I want to help too!"

Even though I am (and I am sure you are too) all for letting the little ones help, there are just some things I would rather prepare myself - for safety (see big knives) and sanity (see flour everywhere) reasons. But the kid initially sees you do something, even though it's just 'boring' preparation for the actual fun activity to come, and yet there couldn't be anything more they want to do right that moment.

In collaboration with Samsung Home Appliances*, I am going to show you today how I prepare different cookie doughs that you can easily keep in your fridge (for up to a week), to be always prepared to make baking a family affair and keeping the small ones entertained (and Mama's sweet tooth), when needed.

What's the best cookie dough to have & keep in the fridge? 

The best cookie dough I found is the one you use to make chocolate chip cookies, you know those big round ones. It's easy to throw together, non-sticky and chocolate chips can be substituted for raising for example and it holds well in the fridge. I am showing you three variations of my go-to recipe. As many of you know, I can not eat Gluten, hence no one in my family is eating it, as I am the one preparing most foods. My go to resource is Nicole from the Gluten Free On A Shoestring blog for everything related to baking.

These type of cookies will however always require flour (GF if needed), baking soda, salt, white & brown sugar, eggs, butter & chocolate chips or other substitutes. So make sure to keep this in your pantry & refrigerator at all times 😉

Cookie Dough Preparation 

As mentioned above, the base for this recipe is flour, baking soda, salt, white & brown sugar, eggs and butter. For my three variations I also need raisins (look how healthy I am ), high quality cocoa powder, white chocolate chips and milk chocolate chips. You can find the recipe I use here.

I start by mixing one big batch of the base cookie dough that I then divide into three parts. The third part I divide again in half.


Instead of chocolate chips cookies, add raisins. My girl LOVES raisins so this makes this cookie automatically a great in-between snack.


Add cocoa powder to the dough and white chocolate chips at the end. It's kinda like Milkyway and delicious


*aka the child's favorite batch.

The first half of batch 3 gets also cocoa powder and milk chocolate chips and the second half, we go all vanilla with white chocolate chips. Don't mix these batches together just yet, but keep them separated. 

Have Fun With Your Cookie Dough 

Now when it's time to keep your child entertained or you simply want to have fun with cookie dough, take the batch(e's) out of your refrigerator, let them warm up a bit and start forming little balls. This is also the part, where you want to get your child involved. The dough is not very sticky, or dangerous (although I always advice against eating raw dough even thought I know we've all done it and lived to tell the story).

But do you remember batch 3 from above, where we split the dough into chocolate and vanilla? Well now comes the times to put them together. Exciting I know! I usually make smaller balls of each dough, then roll them out to long rolls, braid them both together, press flat and bake. The mix of colors and flavors will blow your mind! Plus Emma loves this one even more as it's really just like playing with Play Dough and will definitely keep her entertained for a while 😉

All you have to do is now pop the cookies in the oven for about 12 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius or 350F.

Aren't they looking delicious? We love the variety and my favourite mix is the one with the raisins. 

All that's left for me to say is: ENJOY your cookies and never being out of them again :)

*This blog post is part of a sponsored partnership with Samsung Home Appliances

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