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Interior Design & Styling Service 

Creating homes that have an attitude makes my heart skip a beat. Transforming countless spaces, small or big, private or commercial - it always starts with you.

I specialize in creative interior design solutions that don't break the bank, are unique, beautiful and accessible and outright put together for you. To put it simple - ideas that not only fit your style and space, but also your budget. There is nothing more satisfying to know than that I helped finding the right balance between purpose and beauty.

To offer you the most flexibility, I have curated different ways we can collaborate to kick-start your project, in person or virtually if you are living outside of my service area of Stockholm/ Sweden. I work with a 3D design program that makes it incredibly easy & fun for you, to visualize all work we do.

Regardless of the option selected, I will tailor it to your project, to meet all needs and requirments. 

Different Ways to Collaborate

*All services are available as e-design in some form. In fact many of my amazing clients are from all over the world. Join the ranks!


This is exactly what it says. I am on call for your all your design & decorating needs. Sometimes we have many areas in our home that could do with a bit of love, or you need a new rug or can't decide on the best dining table solution. You call me & we will figure it out together.

This option is available to clients local to Stockholm & Uppsala in Sweden but also to you who live further away, as virtual version. 


My clients favourite, and the best option for those who are really stuck and want to start over. The Home Revival Design Kit is a manual to your dream space! You can expect a full design concept & red thread. Depending on the scope your project  it can include everything from mood boards, colour palettes, floor plans and layout specifications, virtual walk through's and imagery, DIY tips and shopping sources and more.

After the initial design stage is completed, I offer additional services such as purchasing and project management.

Read on further below how we get started.


I help you getting the best possible start to your new home venture, by giving your old the advantages it deserves. The objective of home staging is to have potential buyers walk through the door and be able to envision the property as theirs.

I offer different scopes of involvement, depending on your needs.  

The Step-By-Step Home Revival Design Kit Kick-Start Plan

Not exactly sure what is expecting you once you send me a design inquiry? Not to worry, I've got you covered with my 3-step design kick start plan.  The most important thing for you to know at this point is that you will always be in control of spending and will walk away with a solid plan!


You reach out through either mail, phone or my design inquiry page.

We have a (virtual) meeting, where I learn more about your needs and what you would like to achieve.

You show me the space in questions, either by pre-send images or via a home tour. 


To kick-off your project, I will send you the starter welcome package, which contains a short home work & more information about my process. 

With all information gathered from our first initial phone call and the help you provided via the homework section, I will prepare for our kick-start meeting.


We meet or take this one as a virtual hang out to dive deep into your problem areas. This is a two hour meeting, where we discuss initial ideas and options.

After this session, I show you different options on how to continue with your project in different dimensions to either realize your dream space for you, or hand over all the tools needed to do it yourself.

See What My Amazing Clients Have To Say


Home Revival

Christin worked on my living room/kitchen open space to come up with a new design, new furnitures and decorations that could match our taste and needs. We are really happy about the final result! The work has been done in a very professional way and fast. We really appreciated all the proposed solutions to make our room look bigger, lighter, trying to match our needs and preferences. I love the kitchen island design that Christin has prepared for us in a very efficient and cost effective way. Plus the combination of proposed colors and furnitures really matched our style and wish. We definitely recommend Christin! 

Erin D.

Home Staging For Sale

I used Terra + Tint Interiors to style my apartment for sale. Christin was so lovely to work with, especially as I was out of the country, she coordinated the whole thing and made this process a breeze. Her styling was gorgeous and exactly what I hoped for.  


Home Revival 

I had a great experience with Christin, she took her time to get to know me, my style and needs in order to design our hall, living room and play area for my son. She was always pleasant, quick to reply and available to respond to my concerns regarding the initial project. The final product was a design that meets all of my family's needs and looks very stylish, comfortable and practical.



Christin helped me fix weak spots in our apartment and make the areas I was struggling with look fresh, modern and less cluttered. She was incredibly responsive to my needs and limitations and designed a great solution that I would not have thought of myself.


Home Revival 

I have loved working with Terra + Tint Interiors. From the start Christin was professional and personable. Prompt responses, great up to date tools and technology, and a good sense of style in general. The layout Christin makes for each room allows ideas to become reality easily. She takes the time to try to understand your likes and dislikes to create a living space that you love. I highly recommend working with to help create your perfect space.


E- Design

She designed our living, family and dining rooms. She was excellent at pulling together all of my favorite things. Christin helped me with styling & space design and selected affordable, yet high-end looking furniture, rugs, and lighting to brighten my home. She was always available by e-mail to run ideas by and she made the entire process so easy and enjoyable. She has an amazing eye and is extremely talented at her craft. I would use her again and again (and again!!).

You have more general questions and want to see how it works? 
Find your answers here!

I've never worked with a designer, I am not sure if it is for me?

Many of my awesome clients are first timers and they are amazed how easy and straight forward the process is. Essentially it's leaving your weight and stress about certain spaces at my 'door step' and leaving it to me, fixing it and creating something that is all YOU with a sprinkle of me. 

If I am taking thre design kit kick-start meeting, what happens after?

After we had our home revival design kit kick-start, you have the option to proceed with receiving a design kit, customised to your home. The first two-hour meeting, our kick-start session, will be credited towards anything going forward. So everything invested from the first minute of our collaboration is put into your home.

Is it really worth it? Can I not do it myself?

Yes & yes, but no. This tends to be the first idea clients tend to have. But the fact that you are looking for help, probably means that you are in need of it, because of ttime issues or lack of inspiration at this point. So yes, your investment in an amazing home will be 100% worth it. Instead of just collection hundreds of ideas and never getting around to realising them (sad reality of a day that only has 24 hours), I will get the job done.

Previous clients felt a huge weight being lifted of their shoulders and most importantly excited again, about their home. Why not have a read through my what my clients had to say about their experiences?  

I don't live in Stockholm/ Sweden can I still work with you?

ABSOLUTELY! You might be surprised to hear that many of my clients are from abroad such as the US, UK, Germany and even Australia. I take great pride in knowing my way around international & national local brands that can help you realise your dream home.

Simply get in touch today, to learn more about the possibilities!

But how much does it cost?

You can invest as much as you want, you will have full control over your spending at all time. I will take great care of your wishes and home and make a difference to your daily well-being.

At our initial complementary phone consultation, we discuss your overall planned investment and I will lay out my proposal for your consideration. There are no cost's for you before that and how do people say? You don't get if you don't ask.

For any question left unanswered, don't hesitate in sending me a message! I'll be replying as soon as I can.