Terra + Tint is a running part as drop-ship business model, which means that we at Terra + Tint market and sell products on behalf of the brand. Terra + Tint confirms the sale via our online shop and sends the individual customer purchase order, specifying all details of the products, quantities and any other information (eg colour, sizes) along with your personal shipping information. The brand/ artist then creates and/or packs the products and arranges for shipping via authorised shipping suppliers in a timely manner.

Where Do You Ship From?

All Sage + Clare, Play By Sage + Clare products are shipped from our warehouse in Stockholm, Sweden. 

All other brands represented by Terra + Tint are shipped from within Europe.

My Shipping Country Is not Listed, Can You Help?

To check if we can ship to you, just send us an email to hello@terraandtint.com and we will figure it out for you.

Can I return an item?

Absolutely! We want you to LOVE your products after all. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, we are happy to accept a return or exchange within 14 days of receipt. Just send us an email to hello@terraandtint.com we will send you the details of where to send your package.

You can either receive a refund or exchange on your returned items. We are however not able to refund the postage costs.

*Please note that all rugs and custom made textiles are not eligible for returns and/or exchanges.


What are your pricing & payment options?

All transaction will be billed in Swedish Krona (SEK). If you are shopping from outside of Sweden, the current exchange rate will be used. We accept all major credit cards, such as Visa & Mastercard, as well as PayPal.



How Does My Service Work? And What Does My Process Look Like?

The help and service I can offer is split into two paths - you either want my help in person and live local or decide due to time commitments and possible distance between us that the online service will be a good match for you.

Step 1 : We establish contact, either via mail, my contact page or phone.

Step 2 : We discuss your problem area and general reason why you sought my help.

Step 3 : To kick-off your project, I will send you the starter package, which contains a short home work for you. Don't worry nothing too long or complicated, but since this is collaborative task, it is important to get as much information as possible to really tackle problem areas and create your dream home.   

Step 4 : Now you can now sit back and relax, whilst I work on your dream home.  You are of course, you are free to ask any questions and look in on the process. Since it is your home, I believe you should be involved as much as you like.

Step 5 : Nearly there! At the end you will receive a design package that includes elaborated mood boards, 3D elevations of your space in questions, an accompanying shopping list suggestion, eventual building plans, DIY tips and further instructions. After receiving your feedback in a face to face meeting and talking through different aspects of the plan, we only need to install, purchase and realise the ideas. 

Fun right?


How Much Will It Cost?

You can invest as much as you want, you will have full control over your spending at all time and I will take great care of your wishes and home and make a difference to your daily well-being. 

Prices range from 750 SEK (incl. sales tax) per hour/ service up to 6500 SEK+ per room for different design packages. I do however keep the right to apply discounts to your benefit, on multiple rooms and larger projects. I am happy to lay my costs and time investment open, so that you can see how it adds up on your project.


But Is It Really Worth It? Can I Not Do It Myself?

Yes & Yes, but no. This tends to be the first idea clients tend to have. But the fact that you are looking for help, probably means that you are in need of it, because of the time issue or lack of inspiration we mentioned before. So yes, your investment in an amazing home will be 100% worth it. Instead of just collection hundreds of ideas and never getting around to realizing them (sad reality of a day that only has 24 hours), I will get the job done.

There are however options, where I visualize your ideas and you then can realize them piece after piece, in your own time. 

Previous clients felt a huge weight being lifted of their shoulders and most importantly excited again, about their home. Why not have a read through my what my clients had to say about their experiences?