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Home Staging For Sale

I help you getting the best possible start to your new home venture, by giving your old the advantages it deserves. The objective of home staging is to have potential buyers walk through the door and be able to envision the property as theirs. It has been proven that a professional executed home styling job increases the sales value as well as the potential buying interest. In the contrary, home styling is not hiding well loved corners from potential buyers, but to give them an unobstructed visualisation on what their life could look like - in your home for sale. I always keep the style light and bright, emphasizing a relaxed feel to make everyone feels right at home!

Different scopes of involvment:

  • Brainstorming sessiong & consultation only

  • Brainstorming session & manual with tips, ideas and a to-do-list on how to prep you home for sale

  • Brainstorming session & home staging: typically done before taking images of the property and before house viewings

Prices start at 250SEK/ sqm.

Please get in touch below for a personalised quote & more information.