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Custom Murals: Painted Your Way

So you want a mural? Awesome! You found the right person and I am sure you have many questions about the whole set up. Here you can find out all about how I work and how WE potentially could work together on something amazing! And you know what's great? I paint in both, private homes and businesses - the sky is our limit!

Get in touch faster than a lightning bolt - because I am excited to hear about your project!

Get In Touch

You get in touch with me via email, my website submission below or a DM on Instagram and we talk through all your ideas, aspirations & the space you have in mind for your very custom designed mural. 

Let's Make A Plan

Spontaneous painting? Sure but not in your space. I want to make you are getting the best quotation and design.

To achieve that I will ask you send me:
- pictures of the space in mind
- measurements
- color palette ideas
- any specific needs/ want

Investment Estimate

A custom painted wall mural can average anything from 2500-3000sek/ sqm* with a minimum of 7500sek per project.

Always included are:
- Design & artistic touches
- Painting supplies (paint, brushes, masking tape)
- Labor & travel

*extra expenses are excluded, such a scaffolding/ lift/ travel beyond 1.5h per direction

All About The Design

Up on agreeing on a budget and color palette, I will design and illustrate rough sketches for your space, so that you get a pretty good idea of what it's going to look like before any paint brushes are taken out.

Time To Paint

Let's get painting! On painting day(s) I will ask you that the area is cleaned of any personal belongings or at a minimum covered and moved aside. You can absolutely be around and watch/ come and say hello, but if you have small children or pets, please keep them supervised as paint is a very tempting thing for small hands or paws ;-)

Time to get in touch!

Teenage Bedroom

Desert Inspired Mural

Custom Mural at the International English School in Hässelby, Stockholm

Multicolored Mural in the office of Terra & Tint

Mountain Inspired Custom Mural

Foliage Inspired Laundry Room Mural

Custom Design Ideas