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It all started when...

...my mom let me decide how to paint and decorate my own room at the tender age of 12. The spark was lit and I never stopped wanting to create since. 

20 years down the line, and I am running Tint + Terra Interiors, with goodies that make hearts jump!

I have always held a great passion in creating beautiful things, from clothing, to furniture, to living spaces. When I had my daughter, my husband and I decided that it is time to turn my passion into reality. Here we are, helping you to see the great potential your home holds, with personalised interior solutions and unique products. We at EUI are all about YOU and YOUR home and we take great pride in helping our clients to create spaces they want to call home for a long time to come.

This is a 100% family venture, so do not feel alarmed when Komsol Stockholm AB pop’s up as mainholder of Earthly Urban Interiors - we belong together.

If you have any question or just want to say HEY (I Love getting HEY messages) just send through a email/ message, read my blog, stay connected and follow me on Instagram

We sure are excited to hear from you!